Toronto Karate Junior League (TKJL)



Toronto Karate Junior League (TKJL) is a series of open Karate tournaments for karate practitioners. The League intends to unify all karate clubs in the Sportive Karate event similar, by essence, to Olympic Karate event.

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We organize tournaments on Sundays starting at 10am;


La Liga Toronto Indoor Soccer

(1107 Finch Avenue West, Toronto, ON M3J2P7);

League can organize tournaments in different locations based on Karate community requests.


About Karate Tournament

Each tournament consists of Individual Kata (forms) and Individual Kumite (sparring) elimination type of competition based on WKF (World Karate Federation) rules. Each athlete participates in a minimum of two bouts per competition in each division. All categories will be divided by:

  • gender: boys and girls
  • age: up to 7; 8-9; 10-11; 12-13; 14-15; 16-17.
  • levels: Divisions up to 11y.o. have 2 levels:
    Novice (white to orange belt) and Advanced (green+).
    Divisions 12y.o. and up are considered as Elite (all belts).
  • weight: Light-Heavy – Starting with 12y.o. and up each category is divided by weight (see Category page for details)
  • height: Accordingly to the latest WKF rules, divisions (categories) for children under 12 y.o. should be based on height rather than weight. That is why each sparring category up to 11y.o. is divided for 2 sub-categories based on height visually. If sub-category has less than 4 competitors it could be splitted at the discretion of organizers.

There are 50 categories in total (for details please look at categories (divisions) page).

Karate Competition Awards

There are 4 medals in each category with different colours: Gold for 1st place, Silver for 2nd place, two Bronze for 3rd places. In categories up to 11 y.o. additional participation medals/prizes could be awarded.

Karate Tournament’s Fee (per 2 divisions):

Early Birds fee – $40 CAD/person (not later than 3 weeks before the event). Advance fee– $45 CAD/person (not later than 1 week before the event). Last week Regular fee – $50 CAD/person (1 day before the event). On site fee – $55 CAD/person. Personal application can be accepted on site only because parent/guardian must sign the waver at the registration desk.

For Regular fee only there is a 10% discount for Families of 2 or more participants.

Coaches are Free.

Spectators’ admission – $5.

Please notice all fees are non refundable

Each athlete has minimum 2 bouts in each category


Insurance provided by Sound Insurance Services Inc. (


The League accepts application from any Karate club regardless of its affiliation. One of the main scopes of Toronto Karate Junior League is to unify clubs with different affiliations on Sportive Karate platform base, to give them a forum to befriend and compete with each other. Individual (non club’s) applications is also accepted on site only.

On-site registration for each category closes 30 min prior the time this category starts accordingly to the schedule page.

Please arrive 30-40 minutes before your category starts to have a proper time to check out your registration, change attire and warm up.

Club’s applications for Tournament must be received with complete payment (Please make all payments to “Welcome House”)

Please note: we will accept limited applications on site mostly for unaffiliated individuals or for adjusting earlier submitted club’s application by adding a few new participants.


Application Forms

Club’s applications for any Tournament must be received with complete payment (Please make all payments to “Welcome House”) NO LATER THAN 7 days prior to tournament date to be eligible for advance fee.

Please ensure that all competitors’ information and their names are printed clearly in appropriate form’s fields. It is MANDATORY for all athletes to have their parents/guardians sign on this form to participate in any TKJL tournament.

Please download club participation application form in PDF here. You will need to print and complete it, and also get the participants’ parents/guardians sign.

You can download individual registration form here. Please print and complete it, sign and bring it to the venue along with participation fee ($55).

Please note: we will accept limited applications on site (please come as early as you can). Mostly for unaffiliated individuals or for adjusting earlier submitted club’s application by adding a few new participants.
All the advance applications can be delivered to us in person (for discounted Cash payment: the most preferable delivery way for the completed forms with payment is in person by appointment Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00pm-9:00pm at Northview Heights SS, GYM # 3 (550 Finch Ave West, Toronto, ON, M2R 1N6). Here you can also address all your questions regarding the tournament rules and provisions. ) Also forms can be sent to:

Tournament Director
2011-300 Antibes Dr, Toronto, ON, M2R 3N8
Phone: (416) 728-2552 or (416) 402-0019

Media Release

Athletes and Officials once you are participating in Toronto Karate Kids League Tournaments, you are giving the rights to Publish your Name, Pictures and Videos online and in Media.
Photographers and other media: Parents are allowed to take pictures and video only for their kids; others must have explicit permission from Welcome House to do that.