“We should open Karate to the public and receive criticism, opinions and studies from other prominent fighting artists.”
– Chojun Miyagi (1888-1953, founder of Goju-ryu Karate)

Welcome to Toronto Karate Junior League

We congratulate all karate practitioners with all positive changes happened after PSO elections Dec 18-2016. And we sincerely welcome OKF (Ontario Karate Federation) – the new Provincial Sport Organization in Ontario. Right now karate people in Ontario have priceless opportunity to participate in open Karate tournaments without previous obsticles. We decide to improve our concept in organizing healthy Karate competition and starting with Spring 2017 we added additional categories(divisions) for juniors up to 17 years old. This was the reason why Toronto Karate Kids League became Toronto Karate Junior League(TKJL). We aim to  provide children and juniors up to 17 years of age, access to WKF style tournaments for beginner, advanced (intermediate) and elite levels. Each tournament has 50 categories with 4 medals awarded in each category. And at the end of each year, the club with the most medals receives the League’s Friendship Cup.

Currently there are many Karate competitors spread throughout and Toronto Karate League welcomes all Karate clubs and styles. League aims to promote Karate as an Olympic Sport and make it affordable and accessible for Karate community. It is a non-profit project helping families to get an access to sport Karate. We want to help parents to grow up healthy generation and at the same time we want to see children happy, laughing and having fun.

We admire of all our young and junior athletes who already participated in Toronto Karate League tournaments. We believe that everyone who comes to our competition is a winner – competitors fight their fear and perform their best. We really value karate kids’ and juniors’ efforts and purposefulness.

Toronto Karate Junior League would like to express sincere appreciation to all parents for their patience and loyalty.

We really appreciate help support and professionalism of all karate coaches and impartial judges. We thank all our supporters, helpers and assistants who made this project possible and bring it to life.

Toronto Karate Junior League continues working on tournaments and encourage all clubs, participants, supporters and sponsors to contribute in the future of sport Karate in Canada. We give all athletes the real chance to learn the benefits of healthy competition, sportsmanship and discipline. We are eager to expand and promote Karate as a serious and safe sport which has been included in Olympic program since August 2016.